Loan Friends Mobile App

My Role: Product Designer, UX Writer

Date: December 21, 2021
Tools: Figma/Fig Jam[for User flow/wireframing], Coda.

Platform: Mobile


There is an opportunity in the market to explore the p2p space in Nigeria.

Today, many customers(lenders and borrowers alike) need a safe, secure space to borrow and lend money to meet up with financial needs or help friends/relatives in need.

Lenders want to lend money to their friends and family with a considerable level of assurance that they’ll get back their funds in due time with/without interest.


  • Market Analysis to understand requirements
  • Competitor Analysis to understand existing solutions to the problems.
  • User Analysis to understand who is using such product and why
  • Create MVP UI/UX and define user journey

Target Audience

Working class youths between the ages of 21 to 35 who have smart devices and are upwardly mobile

My Design Process

Discover – Online Surveys, Interviews, Key Findings, Competitive Analysis

Define- Persona, User Journey, Point of View(POV), G-T-M Strategy

Develop- Ideation, User flows, wireframe

Design- Color Guide, Typography

Deliver- Dashboard, Loan process, Loan Tracking

User Flow

In this phase, I designed a structured solution focused on the problem statement and to crystallize the insights stated from the POV.

My idea is to visualize the complete journey that the user would follow throughout the solution by guiding them, not making them feel lost or stuck and to offer the easiest way out of errors.